• Moisture Condition

    No One Likes a Soggy House Except for Fungus

    How to Find, Identify, and Eliminate Moisture Conditions
    Termite inspection reports often list “moisture conditions” as problem items. What exactly are moisture conditions and why are they a problem?

    First, why […]

  • kids ask the best questions

    Kids Ask the Best Questions

    I was recently contacted by a 6th grader working on a school project. He asked some really great questions about ants and pest control in general. We read too […]

  • Fungus Damage

    Keep Fungus From Feasting on Your Home

    Did you know that two species of fungi rank in the top five of wood destroying organisms (WDO)? Wood destroying fungi basically decompose wood studs, framing, floor joists, sub-floors, […]

  • Termite Gallery

    Failed Termite Fumigation or Filtering Frass?

    How to Tell Whether a Drywood Termite Fumigation Failed
    It’s rare, really, really rare that a drywood termite fumigation fails to kill all the drywood termites currently infesting a structure. […]


    New Law Impacts DIY Consumer Pesticide Purchases

    Before you head to Home Depot to purchase a can of Raid©, you better have your Certificate of Safe Pesticide Use Training (COSPUT) in hand. A new law requires consumers […]

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Termite control starts with identification. Call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control now to schedule a termite inspection to determine if your house has termites, what kind of termites, and the best termite control options.

If termite fumigation is required, please see How to Prepare for Drywood Termite Fumigation, or explore these links and video: preparing for fume pdfwhat to bag

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