• Townhouses can be Fumigated for drywood termites. Thrasher Termite & Pest Control

    5 Essentials of Townhouse Fumigation

    Townhouses and condominiums are excellent candidates for fumigation when drywood termites are found. So then, why are so few townhouses, condos, and other multi-unit structures fumigated? It’s difficult enough for an HOA […]

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    Five Signs You Should Fire Your Pest Control Company

    Do you know the five signs you should fire your pest control company?
    Unless you understand best practices in pest control, you might not realize you’ve been receiving sub-par work. […]

  • Green June Bug Jewel Colors

    June Bug on a String

    June Bugs are Flying, Got String?
    One of our staff caught this Western Green June Bug (Cotinus mutabilis) in her California garden and brought it in. This started a discussion […]

  • Temite Inspection Reports

    10 Things Termite Companies Won’t Tell You

    Termite inspection reports are packed full of great information; but there are ten things that most termite companies will avoid telling you…
    1. We can’t find anything. Give us any […]

  • Bathroom Remodel

    Savvy Buyers Turn Termite Repairs into a Free Remodel

    How would you like a bathroom remodel included with the purchase of your house?
    Most sellers balk at offering to remodel a house they are trying to get rid of; […]

  • Boxelder Bug Thrasher Termite & Pest Control

    What to do When Boxelder Bugs Swarm

    During spring and summer, western boxelder bugs (Boisea rubrolineata) primarily feed on the leaves, flowers and seedpods of female boxelder trees, but these distinctive ½ inch long black and […]

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Termite control starts with identification. Call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control now to schedule a termite inspection to determine if your house has termites, what kind of termites, and the best termite control options.

If termite fumigation is required, please see How to Prepare for Drywood Termite Fumigation, or explore these links and video: preparing for fume pdfwhat to bag

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