Have Beetles?

Depending upon the extent of your beetle infestation, your home may need local treatment or fumigation. If you want to get rid of beetles at the same time as a termite fumigation, please let us know so we can adjust the fumigant to erradicate beetles as well as dry wood termites.

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 More About Beetles

Keep Carpet Beetles Out of Your Bouquet

Carpet beetle control begins in the garden. Adult carpet beetles feed on pollen. What?! Carpet beetle larvae (common household pests) feed on lint, and on natural fibers in clothing, carpeting, upholstery, and other furnishings. But adult carpet [...]

Tiny Fuzzy Bugs on Walls? Carpet Beetles on the Climb

Carpet beetle larvae look like very, very small fuzzy caterpillars; however they are far from harmless. They feed on fabric, clothing, and furnishings and leave damage behind. Carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae can also [...]

Small Annoyances, Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small, often no larger than a grain of rice, but left unchecked these little beetles can be very destructive to natural fibers. Beetle larvae feed in dark, undisturbed locations on a variety of [...]