1617–The Year Bed Bugs Settled North America

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On a recent visit to the James Fort archaeology site in Jamestown, Virginia, we learned one source of bed bugs in North America. Danny Schmidt, one of the archaeologists at the site, explained that remains of bed bugs were found in a colonial timber-lined well [...]

Wild Wednesday: Dragonfly

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The red dragonfly about was photographed by Thrasher Termite & Pest Control in a local garden.

How Long Before Drywood Termites become Trouble

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Did you know that it takes approximately three years from the time a pair of drywood termites establish a new colony in your home, before they've grow and eaten enough to clear out their galleries. When they do, they kick [...]

Wild Wednesday: Black Faced Bumblebee

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We found this beauty in a local garden. The black faced bumblebee (Bombus californicus) is not aggressive. They are far more interested in collecting nectar and pollen than in you! In gardens, bumblebees tend to nest in relatively undisturbed areas [...]

Black Widow Spiders

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Even the homes of Thrasher Termite & Pest Control staff are not immune from black widow spiders. The photo of this spider was taken outside of the front door of Sue's house. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but [...]