Wild Wednesday: Halictus ligatus

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Halictus ligatus, also known as a sweat bee, is another solitary California native bee. It finds hairy gum plant flowers irresistible. It's not unusual to see a male Halictus feasting on gum plant nectar during the day and then sleeping in the [...]

Wild Wednesday: Dainty Butterfly

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This dainty nectar sipper was found in a patch of Shasta daisies. She flitted from flower to flower, parked her behind in the center of a blossom, and then pivoted in a circle while slurping up nectar. ----- At Thrasher [...]

Snail More Deadly than Sharks, Lions, and Wolves Combined

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"Pest Control Saves Lives!" is not something most people think about; but, Thrasher Termite & Pest Control knows that what we do can make people more comfortable, homes more hospitable--and can prevent deadly illnesses. Here's an example of the positive impact of pest [...]

Better Bed Bug Information

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It takes training and experience to find and control bed bugs. Thrasher Termite & Pest Control has relaunched our website specifically about bed bugs. Learn how to identify bed bugs, the options for treating bed bugs, how to prevent bed bugs, [...]

Wild Wednesday: Native Bee

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This native bee was moving too quickly to identify. The prolifically blooming Cupid's Dart had her dashing from one purple blossom to the next. Notice the bright yellow pollen packed in the hair of the hind legs. ----- At Thrasher Termite and Pest [...]