Historic Bed Bug Control

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In The Complete Vermin-Killer, published January 1777, we discovered a list of old-time historic recipes for getting rid of bed bugs. Back in the day, three out of four houses were infested with bed bugs. If you're suffering from bed bugs [...]

Black Widow Prevention on the Playground

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When Thrasher Termite & Pest Control receives a call  from a nursery school about black widow spiders, we clear our calendar.  Instructional staff noticed black widow spiders on the playground and needed quick action to protect the children. You won't [...]

Wild Wednesday: Native Bees

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Most native bees are solitary--they don't build hives and each female is responsible for raising her own brood. This native bee is collecting pollen from another California native, Achillea millefolium californica 'Island Pink.' (Also known as Santa Cruz Island yarrow.)

Vacuums Harbor Fleas and Bed Bugs

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Did you know that your vacuum can harbor fleas and bed bugs? Our Thrasher Termite & Pest Control service technicians often include vacuums in their pest inspections! Think about it, vacuums suck up small particles, including fleas, bed bugs and bug [...]

Territorial Battle You Don’t Need to Worry About

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Pavement ants, Tetramorium caespitum, are common in the urban landscape. They rarely invade homes. When the do, call Thrasher Termite & Pest Control to eliminate the problem, otherwise, consider them the great movers of soil. Ants turn over more soil than [...]