Zika Virus in the U.S.–Pest Control Response

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DOWNLOAD THE ZIKA VIRUS ALERT HERE ZIKA VIRUS BACKGROUND The news of Zika virus, a disease causing pathogen spread to humans through mosquito bites, being found in the U.S. is quickly gaining momentum and receiving national attention from the [...]

Cutting Down a Tree? Leave these Pests Behind

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Ticks in the forest, mice in trees. Read this before you put a tree in the car! Ticks are active year round in temperate California. After you return home from cutting down a tree, or taking a hike, be sure to [...]

Creepy Crawly Halloween Party Snacks

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To celebrate Halloween, think edible insects. Edible insects make great and creepy Halloween party food. If you're not up to preparing live insects for consumption, you can purchase food insects from the sources below. At least two companies now make protein [...]

One Simple Way to Protect Yourself from this Deadly Disease

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Simple Mosquito Prevention. Mosquitoes that spread deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever have been found in Los Angeles County, and are poised to make their way north. If you do only one thing to protect yourself, do this: Dump Standing Water! Dengue fever or "yellow [...]

How to Identify Winged Termites

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It's termite weather in Northern California. Rain followed by warm weather signals termite colonies to swarm. Those critters that look like ants with wings...termite swarmers. When you see one or two termite swarmers, they probably flew over from a neighbor's yard. [...]