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Thrasher Termite & Pest Control offers several treatment options for getting rid of bed bugs. The first step is positive identification. Call for a bed bug inspection and estimate. Our licensed and experienced technicians will listen to your concerns and then recommend the treatment the best meets your budget and timeline.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

Integrated Control

[pricing_row]Type of Treatment:  Steam, Chemical, and Mechanical as necessary[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Duration: Average of 2 on-site visits.  As many treatments as needed[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Bed Bug Control: Reduction after initial service (1-12 days); Max control after 2nd/3rd service[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Preparation: Few preparation requirements[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Responsibility: Follow instructions to control and prevent re-infestation[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Cons: Requires scheduling of minimum 2 visits and a high level of client/occupant cooperation[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer][/fusion_pricing_footer]

Bite Stopper Halt & Heat

[pricing_row]Type of Treatment: Chemical Treatment followed by Heat Treatment[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Duration: 1 day (8am-4pm)[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Bed Bug Control: Immediate[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Preparation: Removal of all heat sensitive items[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Responsibility: Follow instructions to control and prevent re-infestation[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Cons: Potential for damage to furniture and belongings[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer][/fusion_pricing_footer]


[pricing_row]Type of Treatment: Chemical Fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride)[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Duration: 2 nights/ 3 days[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Bed Bug Control: Immediate (also kills Drywood termites)[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Preparation: Bagging of all consumable items and cosmetics[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Your Responsibility: Follow instructions to control and prevent re-infestation[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Cons: Only for entire structures, not individual units[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer][/fusion_pricing_footer]

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