How to Understand Pesticide Labels

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Ignore a “Dry Clean Only” label and you may end up with a shredded sweater. Ignore a pesticide warning label and you may end up six feet under. Pesticide poisonings are extremely rare, fatalities even rarer, but limiting your risk [...]

Three Lessons Learned from the Weevil-cide Poisonings

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News of the deaths in Amarillo, TX caused by a restricted use pesticide, sends a chill through the hearts of pest control professionals. Authorities are looking into why the family had the pesticide pellets, called Weevil-cide, which may only be [...]

100 to 400 Reasons Not to Ignore Indiameal Moths

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Indianmeal moths are the most commonly encountered pest of stored products. The adult moth causes no damage; however larvae attack grain and grain products, dried fruit (they seem to love raisins), crackers, powdered milk, chocolate, dry dog food, bird seed [...]

Bed Bug Furniture Interceptors on the Job

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How well do bed bug furniture interceptors work? Really well. That's why Thrasher Termite & Pest Control installs them as part of a comprehensive bed bug eradication plan. Bed bug furniture interceptors go under furniture legs. Bed bugs climb in, but [...]